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Fisherman’s Shack – Newfoundland

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Newfoundland, Canada - Fisherman's Shack

A few years ago I explored Newfoundland with a group of photographer friends.  Same group I have explored many places with and will spend next week with.  Kind of a mancation with fellow photographers.  Anyway there were lots of opportunities for some great shots in Newfoundland and this is one I like.  Sometimes we believe we always need a sunny day to take pictures.  Some of my best are on rainy and gray days.  This was a gray foggy morning. It works.

Author: Kevin Raber

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One thought on “Fisherman’s Shack – Newfoundland

  1. what a wonderful image. so serene. looks like it has been like that for 100’s of years. there is a stillness there. calmness. love how those massive rocks are sticking up though the water’s surface. makes me want to see below the water’s surface. this is one of those things most us have not had the chance to see. thanks for being our window. it is also one of those images that make me curious. i want to know more. brilliant.

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