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It Sometimes All Goes Great

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Death Valley Sunset

This week I am in Death Valley leading a Phase One PODAS photo workshop.  We have had non-stop days and incredible good luck with our photo excursions. Tonight was no exception. We were coming back from an afternoon of photography in Rhyolite and Beatty when a front started to move in.  We quickly hustled our way over the mountain pass and set up at the top of valley. Our view encompassed Death Valley and as you can see from the photo the light and clouds were exceptional. I love it when a plan all comes together. Tonight was one of those nights that defined why we love taking photos so much.

Author: Kevin Raber

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One thought on “It Sometimes All Goes Great

  1. this is one of the most beautiful shots i have ever seen. i want it wall sized in my house so i can take it in everyday….what a wonderful experience. thanks.

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