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Penguin Love


One of the benefits of traveling to Antarctica so many times is that you get a large library of Penguin Images.  My library is huge.   Penguins are very cool and very funny.  If you sit on the ground there they will come up to you and sit with you They are every curious and they are always busy.  I love watching these little guys as they are always on a mission or a honey do list.  But, they also find time to love.  Here’s a cute couple.

Don’t forget the next ten days I’ll be in Death Valley.  While I will try to post images here, you can follow the workshop activities at

Author: Kevin Raber

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2 thoughts on “Penguin Love

  1. A little ditty about Jack and Dianne………….nice one Kevin

  2. they are a cute couple….thanks for sharing them…animals can teach us a lot.

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