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Rusty Ships

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Rusty Ship ...Buenos AIres - Argentina

I have been to Buenos Aires several times and like to take walks where the normal tourist  doesn’t go.  come to find out that many places I have visited on these walks are quite dangerous.  I guess I have been lucky to have never been bothered.  This image is along a dock in the harbor.  There is a long line of ships docked along a pier that look like they were docked there 20 years ago and forgotten.  Buenos Aires is full of rust.  I have posted some other rusty ships previously.   This ship just had the skeleton left as anything of value was stripped off of it.  I took my chances boarding this ship and walking on very rusty and rotten floors to get into position to shoot this shot.  It has everything I love – rust and peeling paint and nice geometry.  Look for more rusty ships in the future. My son being the soldier he is insists that next time I take him as my PSD.  That is not short for a file extension but for Personal Security Detail.

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