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Lower Antelope

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Lower Antelope Slot Canyon

Antelope Canyon is like a rite of passage for a photographer.  So many have been there and they go just to say they did it.  I am no exception, yet I think I go so I can get some magical different images.  Antelope Canyon is not to far from Page Arizona.  There is a lot of other cool stuff to shoot in the area but the slot canyons are the place that are truly special.  This image was shot on a Phase One P45+ with a 2 minute exposure.  The Phase One backs work great because they do long exposures so well.  It is dark in the slot canyons and the backs also have a great dynamic range allowing you to capture highlight areas and shadow details.  I may post another Antelope picture tomorrow.


Author: Kevin Raber

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One thought on “Lower Antelope

  1. so beautiful….like the curves of a woman. dancing light, subtle shadows. you do this so well…

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