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Olympic National Park

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Sunset, Olympic National Park

Every year I spend a week with a group of fellow photographers and friends.  We go to a special location, shoot a lot of photos, talk photography and drink fine wine.  Last year we visited Olympic National park and had perfect weather and shot lots of good images.  One evening were photographing the sunset on the Pacific Ocean and it was tough scene.  It was a classic case where HDR was needed.  But to shoot multiple exposures with water that is in continuous motion is near impossible.  Lucky for me I was shooting with a Phase One P65+ and this amazing camera has a huge dynamic range.  So what I did was find an exposure I like, processed it out by setting exposure sliders in capture One to 2 stops over and 2 stops under and then normal.  I took the three images and used Photomatix to handle the HDR.  I made several varieties of HDR some very natural looking and a few like this are best described as nuclear.  So, enjoy my nuclear sunset.

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