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Chicago Sturdy Architecture

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Chicago, City Of Wind And Steel

I love Chicago and especially the buildings and bridges.  Everything there just feels massively solid.  I love shooting with the Phase One P65+ and I do a lot of hand held work with it.  So, on a visit last year to Chicago I got up early and wandered the streets.  This is one of the shots I came back with.  I like it because it shows the old rivets and solid steel feel of the bridge and then a modern shiny sky-scraper arising from the right side.  Shot with a P65+ and a wide angle lens hand held.

Speaking of architecture, Phase One is going to be holding an Architecture PODAS workshop in Chicago this summer.  This will be a unique workshop lead by two of the greatest architecture shooters of today.  Each participant will get a Phase One camera and P65+ back to work with.  It will be three days of intense interior and exterior shooting as well as classroom time on post production and business.  Watch for news on this soon.  Sign up on the site if you want to receive more information.

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One thought on “Chicago Sturdy Architecture

  1. Nice capture Kevin…like it allot

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