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Long Island Boat House

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Long Island Boat House

I went through an HDR phase – High Dynamic Range photography.  It’s fun and serves a purpose with digital photography as it allows you to show highlight and shadow detail in a contrasty lighting condition.  Today too many photographers overuse it.  For me, I kind of dabble in.  I use it when it is needed which with Phase one cameras is not too often.  In this shot taken at a boatyard where my son was painting the fishing boat he runs, I decided that I was going to sue it and I would go to the grunge look for the whole day.  This is a shot of the little boat house.  What’s cool is you can see inside the boathouse as well as detail in bright sun.  I figured if I was going to do this I might as well exaggerate everything and bang here’s the shot.  I have another one from this day I’ll publish at a later date.


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One thought on “Long Island Boat House

  1. this is one of my favorite shots of yours. so much depth, color and detail. a great example of what hdr can do…

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