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Performing Arts Center PANO


The Palladium - Performing Arts Center - Carmel, IN

Down the street from my home is the mid-west’s premier concert hall – The Palladium. It is one beautiful building. This os supposed to be one of the mots advanced state of the art concert halls in the US.  I have enjoyed the privileges of doing photography at the center. This image was done with a Phase One P65+ 60megapixel camera and a 45mm lens. It is a pano image comprised of eleven images stitched together in photoshop. After the stitching was done I did work on perspective as well as retouching imperfections of the building which is final stages of construction. With eleven images stitched together with each image being 360 megabytes each you can just imagine how big the image is. Needless to say the quality and detail is spectacular.  Click on the image to see a larger view, click on it again to see even larger, use your back key to return to original image.


Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

3 thoughts on “Performing Arts Center PANO

  1. Do sell your photographs? I would love this one in a pano print

  2. Great image of the interior. I worked on The Palladium and have done quite a few images there. I really like this.

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