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Slot Canyons

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Upper Antelope Canyon shot with a P45+

Today’s image was made in Upper Antelope Canyon.  I have a ton of images from these slot canyons and they are all very beautiful.  This was shot with a Phase One p45+.  Why is this different?  The Phase One cameras allow you to shoot in an environment like this which by the way is pretty dark, and do long exposures.  Add to this the ability to have a large dynamic range , meaning you can shoot on one exposure and get good details in highlights and shadows.  You cannot do this most DSLR cameras out there.  the p45+ allows for exposures up to one hour or more.  Some of these shots I did of Antelope are up to 15 minutes.  I’ll post more from these canyons over the coming months.  Also what’s cool when photographing in these canyons is the yellow-ornage walls absorb light as light filter down allowing some of the light to turn a wonderful color blue.  That is where the blue in the image comes from.

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