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The Gullett Pano

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The Gullett, Antarctica

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On my last trip to Antarctica as we dipped below the Antarctic Circle we headed to an area that was known as the Gullett.  we had been battling storms and lousy weather for days.  As we approached the Gullett which is visited by very few people, the weather cleared to the most brilliant day you could ever have and the wind just stopped.  Literally now wind.  As we entered the Gullet which we would navigate for almost 12 hours we were met with the most breathtaking scenery you could ever imagine.   Today’s image is a a stitched shot for 5 vertical P65+ images.  These were shot handheld and then stitched in photoshop.  The lens was wide i believe 45mm which allowed some great foreground.  The sky was almost black getting blue s it met the horizon.  I have a ton of images from the Gullet but this pano gives a good feel for the beauty there.

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One thought on “The Gullett Pano

  1. i love this shot….so glassy. almost looks like outer space….like also how you can click on the image to see it larger on WP. kind of frustrating not to be able to study the detail of a great shot. thanks for posting…

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