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Ice, Seal, Storm

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Seal on ice flow with distant stormIt’s pretty hard not to take a good photo when visiting Antarctica.  I’m asked many time how you shoot in Antarctica and what to bring.  I travel as light as possible.  You won’t need a tripod.  It’s bright enough you can shoot handheld all the time.  Almost everything you shoot from bounces around.  Zodiacs and the ship are always moving so handheld is a must.  I travel with a 5dII and 16-35, 34-105, 100-400 lenses.  In addition my main camera is a Phase One P65+ with 74-150mm, 28mm, 45mm,  210mm lenses.  A bunch of batteries, CF cards and portable external hard drives for duplicate back-ups.  I work entirely in CApture One to work my images and shoot RAW all the time.

This image was taken from the deck of the boat looking over an ice flow we were moving through.  There was a storm off in the background which was just great looking.  I was lucky when I spotted a seal on the ice flow and I just waited until we moved to a point where the shot looked good.

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