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One Of My All Time Favorites


Iceberg In Iceberg Graveyard

A few days ago I posted an iceberg image shot it the iceberg graveyard.  Today is one of most fascinating and one of my most favorite images every shot.  This shot by those that were there has been called many things.  The Parthanon sticks though.  We were cruising in the zodiacs and we saw this beautiful smooth lagoon and we crossed the lagoon and came through the arch seen in the middle of the this monster iceberg.  We turned around and then saw this.  You could swear it was hand carved but this si the result of nature and tides eroding a giant iceberg that was grounded.  This is a massive iceberg.  Most likely 450 feet long and 75 feet high.  Needless to say we shot this from a number of angles.  It’s always amazing when you are out shooting and then find one of those once in a lifetime shots.  This is one of those.  To visit and see more of my Antarctica Images Please CLICK HERE.

Author: Kevin Raber

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2 thoughts on “One Of My All Time Favorites

  1. nice work, Kevin!

    David Saffir

  2. love love this one. absolutely unreal.

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