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I Love B&W

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Golden BAy - South Georgia Islands

We get so caught up in color and how easy it is to make great color images in this digital age.  Sometimes it is nice to re-visit B&W.  This image was shot near Golden Bay in the South Georgia Islands.  This was a magnificent day with blue skies, high winds, great clouds.  The renticular clouds that formed over the mountains, the snow and layered lower level clouds all combine to make an excellent photo.

Happy New Years Eve . . . party well and party safe.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

One thought on “I Love B&W

  1. i love the contrast of the dark mountain at the left…and how you can see the illumination of the light on the water. also like how the clouds are resting on the tops of the mountains and the dark cloud at the top kind of mirrors the dark mountain at the left. great composition. very beautiful. majestic.

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