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Road Trip

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Rusted Train Car and Plant

I am on a holiday road trip to Florida to visit with family. Always good to get together for the holiday. After being cooped up on airplanes so much the last few weeks (a round trip to Australia can pretty much guarantee you’ll want a break from planes), I decided to drive. I also decided that I will make a photo essay during the trip on Waffle Houses, the famous road side restaurant at almost every interchange. I have visited four Waffle Houses so far. I’ll assemble a small essay when I get home. Quite a slice of America.

Today’s images is a fun one. I like photographing rust and decay and how nature seems to re-claim it. This image was taken of the side of a rusted out train car (box car) and in the rust this plant had started to grow. I shot this with a Phase One P65+ and it was in one of my albums on the iPhone. I then used Picture Show and did a mirror effect of the image and the above image is what I got. I like symmetry and you’ll see more images like this over time.


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