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A Little Infrared Fun

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Parkes Radio Telescope - Australia

While on my trip to Australia I had the unique opportunity to travel across Australia on a multi-day road trip back to Sydney from the outback.  Along the way my traveling buddy (mate as they say in Oz) stopped in at a place called Parkes.  This is the location of a giant radio telescope.  This was featured in a movie a while back called “The Dish”.  We thought it offered some cool photo opps.  So we took the Phase One Achromatic+ back (a 39 megapixel) BW digital back and using special filters and photographed the dish using infrared.  This is a fun way to shoot as you are shooting reflected energy and not light.  Hard to explain but the effects especially in landscape photography is pretty cool.  Hope you feel the same way.  To learn more about this cool digital back… click here.




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