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The Neon Boneyard

Old Neon Sign - The Boneyard

I leave on Friday for a ten day trip to Death Valley.   This is one of the most beautiful National Parks there is.  It’s deceiving because you drive into it and you see just desert, but it has it’s surprises. Before I head out to Death Valley I’ll be stopping in Las Vegas, and picking up a friend from Australia and we are going shooting in the Neon Boneyard.  This is a photographers paradise.  This is where they all the old signs from the hotels and casinos in Vegas.  It is rich in texture and color and just about anyplace you point the camera is a good shot.  I will be shooting with my small GH2 camera and doing 5 exposure HDRs.  I have shot medium format here before and just have some amazing shots.  This time I have ideas of what I want to do with the final images and they will not be big prints.  After this little excursion I”ll be headed to Furnace Creek Inn where I will be leading a Phase One PODAS workshop for a week.  We have folks coming from around the world to try out the Phase One camera systems in this marvelous landscape.  You can follow the event on the PODAS blog by Clicking Here.  I’ll post a new shot here tomorrow and if all goes well on Friday night I’ll post a Neon Boneyard shot.



Big Iceberg

Ahhh…Antarctica…..I have a love for this place. It’s a life changing environment with natural beauty and a light unlike any other place on earth. It’s a dynamic environment, especially for photographers. It can’t be clichéd. An image taken one day won’t be there the next. This iceberg was huge. I have hundreds of iceberg images. This one stands out. You can’t imagine the size of some of these. They are as big as cities they float aimlessly around the oceans and eventually melt away or break into smaller pieces. So, you take one of these beasts and then throw light on it and you get images like this.


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Rusty Ships

Rusty Ship ...Buenos AIres - Argentina

I have been to Buenos Aires several times and like to take walks where the normal tourist  doesn’t go.  come to find out that many places I have visited on these walks are quite dangerous.  I guess I have been lucky to have never been bothered.  This image is along a dock in the harbor.  There is a long line of ships docked along a pier that look like they were docked there 20 years ago and forgotten.  Buenos Aires is full of rust.  I have posted some other rusty ships previously.   This ship just had the skeleton left as anything of value was stripped off of it.  I took my chances boarding this ship and walking on very rusty and rotten floors to get into position to shoot this shot.  It has everything I love – rust and peeling paint and nice geometry.  Look for more rusty ships in the future. My son being the soldier he is insists that next time I take him as my PSD.  That is not short for a file extension but for Personal Security Detail.

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Golden Fields

One of the garden spots for great landscapes in the US is a little know area called the Palouse.  I’ll be leading a Photography Workshop there this fall with a well know shooter.   The area is rolling hill, fields, open skies and landscapes that reach to the horizon.  Stay tuned for more information.

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Purple Ice

Purple Ice - Antarctica

This has been a weird few days of weather here in Indianapolis. We had 70 degree weather and 24 hours later we had snow and ice. While not significant it got me thinking cold again. So, today I present purple ice. This is an iceberg shot in Antarctica. The sun didn’t really set when I was there, it just kind of change to this magnificent purple – orange glow and lasted for a few hours. A totally incredible things to witness. Hope you enjoy this shot. You can see more of my Antarctica images by CLICKING HERE.

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Performing Art Center With A Bit Of Fun

Carmel Performing Arts Center - Iphonegraphy

Today was one of those dramatic days in Indianapolis. We just had a tornado warning.  Fun – fun!  Anyway I was driving back from doing some errands this afternoon and saw the dramatic sky behind the Performing Arts Center.  So I stopped and took out my iPhone and did a 30 image pano with stitch.  I then over dinner worked some iPhone fun on the image.  So here it is.  All in all it was fun and isn’t that what taking pictures all about.

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Paint Peeling

Peeling Paint

Haven’t posted  peeling paint or rusty image for a while.  So, here you go peeling paint.  I am always amazed at ow beautiful decaying things can look.  This was done in a set of abandoned train cars in Noblesville, IN.

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Zion National Park

A beautiful National Park not too far from Las Vegas – Zion.  This is a relatively small park but it has so much to offer.  This is one of many images I have from the park.  Shot with the P65+ and a long lens.  This is one of the valley cliff walls.  Color is amazing and the scene is very striking under the right light.

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Scary Head

scary head - Sunset Junque in Michigan

My favorite Antique, junk yard – Sunset Junque in Michigan is a photographer’s paradise.  This image was of a paper mache character there.  I love the blue eyes.  I took the image shot with a Canon 5D11 and then ran it through the iPad adding some effects.  I think I have made this image creepy enough.  I posted another image I made here a few days ago.  Look for more I have a lot of fun and great images from this place.

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The Stairs

Stairs - San Miguel - Mexico

Continuing with Mexico shots I present another image from the abandoned hotel.  This is a set of stairs basically going no where.  It was made with 5 exposures and brought together in Photomatix and then post processed on the iPad.  Amazing what you can do with your photographs these days.  I really liked the feel and the way this flows.  Let me know what you think.

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The Room

Room - San Miguel, Mexico

While in San Manguel Mexico my friend Michael Reichmann and I explored an abandoned hotel.  Apparently they were building this nice hotel only to discover it was too close to a dam and if the dam burt the hotel would be gone.  So, they just stopped building it.  I shot this with the GH2 in HDR mode.  Then took the image into a few iPhone apps then output finished a few things in PhotoShop and here you have the final image.  This was a room off to the side and it just caught my eye.  Read into it what you may.


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